About Me

Hello, my name is Nicolas Saad and I am from Sausalito, California. I am extremely passionate about video games. Over the last few years at Ex’pression College, I have honed my skills in environment design, hard surface modeling, and texturing. While in school, I have completed several environments that showcase my range of artistic and technical skill.

During the summer of 2012, I developed a 2D side-scrolling flash game with a few of my classmates over a two-week period for User Interface class. I created the idea for the game, developed the game mechanics, and designed the levels and obstacles. My classmates were in charge of the game art. Check it out: FreeRunning Anarchy!

I also have fifteen years of HTML experience and have developed websites for several companies. If you want to have some fun check out my old student flash page! There you will find a short documentary I made called Houseboats of Sausalito along with a link to a short comedy I wrote called Family Hairloom. My student site also contains a few excerpts of music I wrote to score both films.